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Bahlaq Trading Est. – Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Bahlaq Trading Establishment (BTE) team  is fully committed to BTE Quality Policy & Procedures. 

Our policy is to ensure that we always deliver required materials and equipment to our customers free of damage, on time and strictly in accordance with the required customer’s specifications and applicable standards.

Our commitment is achieved by the following:


  • We ensure the strict implementation of a fully controlled, consistent and effective QA/QC system in the sourcing, receiving, storing and delivering processes to all our customers.


  • We verify that all BTE team members are well trained and fully understand the critical and important requirements of the implemented QA/QC program & procedures.


  • We maintain a well-structured program that provides full traceability and meaningful documentation of all QA/QC required records.


  • We conduct and document detailed inspections throughout the entire process in order to ensure that our set Quality Standards are maintained at all times.


  • We define and set high and consistent quality standards and requirements at every stage of the process starting with the receipt of customer’s purchase order, specifications review, procurement, receipt, storage, handling, packaging and delivery.


  • We conduct & document frequent audits to ensure the effectiveness of our QA/QC program.


  • We conduct periodic reviews of our QA/QC program and look for continuous improvement opportunities to be implemented in order to always improve product and service quality.


  • We conduct customer surveys and request their suggestions, comments or any complaints in order to evaluate our performance, customer satisfaction and to make the necessary changes and improvements whenever required.


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