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Bahlaq Trading Est. – Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Policy

Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Policy

Bahlaq Trading Establishment (BTE) is fully committed to conducting our business in a manner that protects the environment and providing a safe and healthy workplace to all our employees, contractors and visitors.

Safety at BTE is paramount.  BTE’s business and work policies are based on the facts that our commitment to safety, employees’ well-being and our responsibility towards the environment are important priorities and objectives.

In order to achieve these objectives, all employees must adhere to the following principles:

  • Conducting assessments regularly of our performance and identifying HSE risks that may cause harm and make the necessary changes for improvement
  • Complying with BTE’s HSE policies and procedures
  • Taking corrective actions to eliminate or improve any practices that increase the risk of HSE incidents
  • Taking all possible preventive measures to mitigate risk
  • Conducting regular safety meetings to increase safety awareness
  • Keeping accurate records of all incidents and safety violations and communicating these incidents and the lessons learned with our employees
  • Conducting safety training and working on continuous improvements initiatives in HSE

BTE’s senior management shall be committed to these principles and the company HSE policy and shall continuously strive to improve the HSE performance.

All employees shall be responsible to uphold and implement all HSE procedures and ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors adhere to company HSE procedures at all times.  All company staff shall be given the required safety induction and training and shall be responsible for compliance with company HSE policy and procedures.

Every employee must take responsibility and report unsafe practices or conditions and must take appropriate corrective actions to eliminate potential hazards.

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